Job opening: Volunteer Coordinator Apprentice

A Miami Group Sierra Club (MGSC) volunteer coordinator apprentice whose primary focus is to interact with potential and current volunteers, committees, and other club staff to help build the Miami Group’s active member base and coordinate a major fundraising event.  This job will start with a 6 month contract which can be extended up to one year.

Job Qualifications

  • Recent Bachelor’s degree in the environmental advocacy field (or equivalent degree)
  • Create positive and ongoing relationships with committees and volunteers
  • Good communication and record keeping abilities
  • Skills working with others and independently
  • Ability to set appointments with committees/volunteers and follow up with them afterward
  • Familiarity with MS Office suite

Primary Goals

  • Expand and encourage the number of active volunteers, volunteer leaders, and MGSC members
  • Encourage new volunteers to join the MGSC and become active
  • Understand each MGSC committee purpose and volunteer needs
  • Direct new members and volunteers in the appropriate direction based on their interests, requests and skills
  • Follow up with volunteers on a continual basis to keep them engaged and interested
  • Help build diversity
  • Use social media and coordinate media actions with committee
  • Plan and execute fundraising activities utilizing volunteers

Job Details

  • Develop work plans, time lines and/or specific assigned projects and execute the tasks outlined within them on time and in budget
  • Meet on a regular basis with selected committees
  • Update progress to MGSC ExCom at monthly meetings
  • Establish and maintain a volunteer data base
  • Create content for and manage relevant meet-up/facebook MGSC pages established by Social Media committee
  • Work on specific assigned projects with assigned volunteer leader (approved by ExCom)
  • Reporting Responsibilities
    • Supervisor – designated member of MGSC ExCom (starting with ExCom President)
    • Work directly with ExCom leader assigned to discuss work time line/plans and/or committee chair
    • Job evaluation every 3 months with input from MGSC Executive Committee (ExCom) and committee chairs)
  • Possibility to attend Ohio Chapter meetings or National Campaign events deemed appropriate and approved by ExCom

References upon request.

Deadline for submission May 15, 2017

Email cover letter and resume to:

Karen Brown –