2009 amended wet weather plan documents


On June 5, 2009 USEPA sent MSD, the city and the county, a letter conditionally approving the WWIP (West Weather Improvement Plan) which includes the Long Term Control Plan, required by USEPA regulations, for the purpose of controlling Combined Sewer Overflows. This plan (WWIP) also includes sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).  The WWIP is in 3 attachments to the letter: Attachement A (in several parts) Ham Co Final WWIP Cond Aprvl App A pages 1-17 Ham Co Final WWIP Cond Aprvl App A-2 attachments 1A, 1B, 1C pages 18 to 25  Pages from Ham Co Final WWIP Cond Aprvl App attachments 2&3 Pages from Ham Co Final WWIP Cond Aprvl Attachment 4&5 pages 33 to 49-3 , Attachment B Ham Co Final WWIP Cond Aprvl App B and Attachment C Ham Co Final WWIP Cond Aprvl App C.

Sierra Club also filed comments with USEPA and the federal court: 9-2-2009 Final Sierra Club Comments  and  Exhibit A – Sierra Club Comments

Modifications were made to the WWIP and the court approved the amended WWIP:

court exhibit 1 exhibit 2 exhibit 3 exhibit 4 exhibit 5 exhibit 6 exhibit 7

One of the major provisions of the amended WWIP was studying two options for Lower Mill Creek Partial Remedy, the default being a $244 million tunnel and the alternative being a Green Infrastructure Plan.  MSD’s deadline for submitting these documents is December 31, 2012.  Prior to the submission, the County Commission must approve the submittal.

Public hearings are expected to be held by the County Commission beginning in September, 2012.


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