Eastern Deciduous Forest at Rowe Woods – Bill Hopple Cincinnati Nature Center

Eastern Deciduous Forest at Rowe Woods –

Bill Hopple, Cincinnati Nature Center

Location: Scouting Achievement Center, 10078 Reading Rd,  in Evendale

Monday April 2, 2012   7:00 pm to 8:55 pm

In case you missed it: The Power Powerpoint Presentation Bill made is now available for download via the Home menu or by clicking here.

Bill Hopple, Executive Director of the Cincinnati Nature Center, will present a talk on the Eastern Deciduous Forest as represented by the old growth forest at Rowe Woods. He will describe the factors contributing to its formation and how to distinguish forest ages and types in the tri-state region. Contributing factors include; plate tectonics, glacier formation, bedrock and soil type, surface erosion and river formation. The native flora and fauna will be briefly discussed along with the impact of non-native invasive species.

Carl Krippendorf preserved a remnant of the Eastern Deciduous forest when he purchased 175 acres in Clermont County in the early 1900s. These 65 acres are the core of what is now the 1,025 acre preserve known as Rowe Woods of Cincinnati Nature Center. This forest is one of the best examples in a 200 mile radius around Cincinnati of the forest that covered 95% of Ohio 300 years ago. This presentation describes the factors that contributed to the formation of the Eastern Deciduous forest from the bedrock and soil to the changing plant communities that comprise it today. In addition, you will learn to identify the stages of forest development and the indicator species of the four layers of the forest. Lastly, the cultural history of Rowe Woods will be described as it contributes to the composition of the modern day forest and our battle with non-native invasive species.

We’ll also have announcements, a Q and A session and some refreshments !

All are welcome !