Tech Talk – Energy: Where we are, where we’re going – by Brian Bear

Location: Scouting Achievement Center, 10078 Reading Rd,  in Evendale

Monday March 5, 2012   7:00 pm to 8:55 pm

Tech Talk – Energy: Where we are, where we’re going – by Brian Bear

– where energy comes from; you have to spend some energy to get energy: energy returned for energy invested (ERoEI) and other terminology

– where our energy currently comes from (mix of oil, coal, gas, hydro and growing solar/wind contribution)

– what will help us in the future: solar, wind, hydrogen, biodiesel, nuclear? What will scale up to the size of the economy? Where does conservation fit in?

– what can be done – how to think critically about claims on alternative and conventional energy.  What personal choices you can make that make the most sense for now and for the future?

Brian Bear is a Sierra Club member and Mechanical Engineer, with a background in testing and product design in the automotive and medical product industries, Brian currently works at Ethicon Endo-Surgery, a manufacturer of surgical instruments.  Brian’s interest in energy issues began about 5 years ago, after reading a Sierra Club article about the connection between food and fuel. His presentation will cover energy, and how it’s linked with our daily lives and the greater economy – where we are, how much we use, and where we’re headed.  As an engineer, he’s hoping to explain the nature of our current usage of energy – oil, coal and gas – and to discuss the pros and cons of the alternatives. Brian lives with his wife Caroline in Sharonville, and is a member of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers.)

We’ll also have announcements, a Q and A session and some refreshments !

All are welcome !