Sierra Club July 2nd Monthly Meeting: Climate Change

Monday 7pm-9pm at the Dan Beard Council (10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH): The status of climate change now, and what the future holds.

Global warming, now generally called “Climate Change” appears to have waned from public discussion and the news media. UC Professor Emeritus Wolf Roder will examine what has been happening, both in the natural world and in politics. He will then consider how do we know the earth surface is warming? The science is rather simple, and does not depend on complex computer models. Then he will examine the outlook for action on climate change after the Copenhagen and Durban conferences. What does the reality mean for the future? Is anything being done about climate change? And, what would it take to avert tropical temperatures in Cincinnati?

Wolf Roder is Professor Emeritus of Geography at the University of Cincinnati. He has taught physical geography including weather and climate for twenty-five years. Wolf has done geographical/nature presentations for the Sierra Club on various topics including Yellowstone National Park, and has held seminars on climate change for OLLI at U.C.-Blue Ash.