Say no to sewage in Cincinnati’s streams!

Every time it rains, Ohio’s public and environmental health is threatened by combined sewage overflows. Unfortunately, Ohio has over 1,000 combined sewage overflow points, making our state a leader in combined sewage overflows. The good news is that Ohio is required to reduce combined sewage overflows, and many communities are exploring innovative green infrastructure solutions.

Take Action to protect our waterways from sewage!

Hamilton County in southwestern Ohio is currently considering whether to utilize a green or grey approach to reduce combined sewage overflows. Grey, or traditional, solutions are often more costly than green solutions like rain gardens, daylighting streams, and bio-swales.

However, green solutions have yet to be proven effective on such a large scale. County officials need to hear broad support for green infrastructure.

Voice your support for green infrastructure!!!

Thank you for taking action.  Together we can keep sewage out of our streams.

   Marilyn Wall
   Miami Group 
   Sierra Club

P.S. Tell your friends and family to take action and keep sewers out of our streams, and get your social media networks involved: