Monthly Meeting Monday, April 1st -“Rivers Unlimited”

When: Monday, April 1st from 7pm-8:55pm (Re-scheduled from Feb. 4, 2013)

Where: At the Dan Beard Boy Scout Council (10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH)

What: Aaron Rourke, President of Rivers Unlimited, will give a presentation on the history, mission, current projects, and accomplishments of this great organization, dedicated to the protection of our scenic rivers.

Rivers Unlimited is an Ohio statewide group of organizations to protect and restore rivers. It’s the oldest in the nation, founded in 1972, at a time when rivers were covetously regarded by dam builders and channelizers, threatening the health of our waterways and the people whose farms, homes, and livelihoods depend on them.

“Our mission is to restore, maintain and improve Ohio’s rivers and streams, their water quality, scenic beauty, their multiple economic uses and their effect upon Ohio’s quality of life.”

“The waters of the United States are held in public trust by our governments. The condition of our river waters and their corridors affects our economy, our environment, our quality of life, sustainability of our communities and environmental justice. That’s what underlies our mission!”