Sierra Club and ECO host Townhall Meeting to discuss Sewage Overflows


Combine Sewer Overflowing into Mill Creek
Combine Sewer Overflowing into Mill Creek

Join Sierra Club and ECO at a townhall meeting Thursday June 27th from 7-9, at Northside Tavern.

Sewage Overflows continue to plague Cincinnati.  When it rains storm water enters the sewers, mixes with sewage, overflowing into our waterways and backing up into basements.  An estimated 14 billion gallons overflow each year, threatening public and environmental health.  After decades of in action by the Metropolitan Sewer District, isn’t time to say No Sewage in Streams!  

Sewage overflows violate the Clean Water Act and the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) is mandated to spend billions of dollars to reduce overflows.  As sewer rates continue to rise for the public, reduction in sewage overflows has lagged substantially.  Sierra Club Water Sentinels monitoring tributaries of the Mill Creek continue to find elevated levels of bacteria and pollution.  Literally every time it rained this spring Combined Sewer Overflow Warnings were issued by MSD stating that the water could be hazardous.  47 separate warnings in April & May alone.

Make your voice heard, rsvp for the townhall meeting

The Sierra Club and ECO will release a report card  grading the performance of MSD, we will hear personal stories of people directly affected by sewage pollution, Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls will share her perspective, and everyone will be invited to share their comments, questions, or stories.  There will be a free pizza social hour and a rain barrel door prize.

Hope to see you then