Madisonville Community Council Votes NO BUILD on Highway!

NEWS !  Madisonville Community Council voted NO build on highway  !! more to follow

Eastern Corridor Meeting
July 18th, 7pm
Madisonville Recreation Center

The July Madisonville Community Council meeting will be dedicated to reviewing the Eastern Corridor Project. At the meeting we will hear recommendations from the Citizen Advisory Committee, whose members have been meeting and working on this issue over the past 15 months. We will also hear the results of the MCC executive board vote on a build or no build recommendation and neighboring communities. The meeting will feature proposed designs from ODOT for review and a chance for the community to adopt a build or no build policy. They can also be reviewed on line.  You can also learn more at the Madisonville Community Council webpage. And like the Sierra Club’s facebook page on the Eastern Corridor !

Meeting Time & Place: The MCC meets every third Thursday of the month at the Madisonville Recreation Center at 7:00 pm. The Rec Center is located at 5320 Stewart Road. All meetings are open to the public.