Stop the Eastern Corridor!

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And check out Commissioner Greg Hartmann on the Oasis Rail and the highway on the  Channel 9 news.   “The ridership numbers, I’ve got some questions about, but my biggest questions are about costs,” Hartman said. “How are we going to pay the $300 million for light rail to go east?

Hartmann said. “I really believe light rail does not make a lot of sense at this point going east. We don’t have any light rail at all in this community and to start going from downtown to Clermont County really doesn’t make a lot of sense for $300 million.”

“If we can’t afford to pay for it, if it’s not our number one priority as a region, we need to move on from those discussions and have more evaluation about whether the road project makes sense.”

Yes, we’re glad to see Commissioner Hartmann is questioning the Oasis rail. As much as we like rail, this line has high cost and low ridership projections. It won’t qualify for federal funding because it doesn’t meet minimum criteria.  The highway project needs a lot more scrutiny too.

On Saturday, August 31, the Enquirer ran a story about the decline in driving.  “After rising for decades, total vehicle use in the U.S. — the collective miles people drive — peaked in August 2007. It then dropped sharply during the Great Recession and has largely plateaued since, even though the economy is recovering and the population growing. Just this week, the Federal Highway Administration reported vehicle miles traveled during the first half of 2013 were down slightly, continuing the trend.”

Why build more highways when driving is declining and we don’t have enough money to repair the Brent Spence bridge?  Other alternatives to the car are essential.  But they need to be cost effective too.  Metro Moves Plan from 2002 still make a lot of sense.

Building Bike Routes, like the Ohio River Way trail along the Oasis Line makes a lot of sense. It would ultimately connect the Little Miami Bike Trail to downtown along the Ohio River. It would continue west along the River.