Sierra Club and allies present objections to the Eastern Corridor Highway to FHWA

The Eastern Corridor Highway-oriented project fails to bring the region into the 21st century by continuing to plan to build another highway, at huge cost.

Instead the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) should focus on fixing with we have: Brent Spence Bridge (with provisions for mass transit), rebuilding the Western Hills Viaduct, and improving transportation choices.

Overwhelmingly, the public wants Complete Streets and transportation choices. Smart Growth America reports 47% of older Americans say it is unsafe to cross a major street near their homes.  54% of older Americans living in inhospitable neighborhoods say they would walk and bike more often if the built environment improved.  56% express strong support for adoption of Complete Streets policies.

Many thanks to Madisonville, Newtown, Mariemont, Terrace Park, Turpin Farms, Ken Tankersley, Little Miami Inc for preparing materials, contributing and presenting excellent information about the highway impacts on communities.