Save Water & Drink Wine (Rain Barrel Workshop and Wine Tasting)

rainbarrel 2Stormwater runoff is responsible for roughly 2/3rds of water pollution, washing heavy metals, chemicals, fertilizers and soil into our waterways.  In addition stormwater can cause our sewers to overflow. Over 14 billion gallons of combined sewage overflows plague the greater Cincinnati area annually threatening public and environmental health.

While we wait patiently for the Metropolitan Sewer District to eliminate combine sewer overflows, there is something we can do at home to reduce stormwater runoff.  One 55 gallon Rain Barrel can collect over 1,000 gallons of stormwater a year, the water is better for your plants, and it saves you money on watering cost.   

Join the Sierra Club and Meier’s Wine Cellars for a Do it Yourself Rain Barrel Workshop & Wine Tasting.  Each participant will receive a 55 gallon food grade plastic barrel, a DIY Earth Minded diverter kit, and learn how to install their barrel at home.  Follow up with a wine tasting of  two of Ohio’s oldest and largest winery’s award-winning, heritage-rich wines (non-alcoholic grape juice will also be available). Suggested donation of $20 for complete rain barrel kit. $5 for wine tasting, and take home the souvenir glass!

We are offering two workshops in October.  Space is limited so please RSVP by following the links below. Hope to see you then.

Saturday October 12th, 11-1, at Meier’s Winery.

Saturday October 19th 11-1, at Meier’s Winery.