Speak Out against the Oasis Rail Line!

The Ohio Department of Transportation held three public meetings to get input on the Oasis rail line, which would extend from Downtown to Milford. The Sierra Club is concerned about the high cost of the project, which could top $1billion according to the OKI 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan.

Sierrans Bob Park, Amy Francis and Marilyn Wall attended the meeting in Fairfax and expressed their concerns to ODOT representative Joe Vogel.

You can speak out against this expensive project which drain resources away from neighborhoods that need inexpensive public transit and will do little to improve air quality based on peak estimates of ridership (~1500 round trips per day). Submit your comments at:

The Sierra Club Miami Group proposes three better uses for our tax dollars:

  1. Drop the Oasis Rail Line, and start studying the Wasson Line for Rail with Trail.
  2. Insure the Ohio River multi-use trail is built as soon as possible on the Oasis Line,  returning economic dollars to the community just like the Little Miami Bike Trail does.
  3. Create and fund a real mass transit plan that includes bus service and cost-effective rail.