Miami Group to Develop Videos to support our organizing for a Green MSD!

Joe Bowman of ExCom has started working with videographer Barbara Wolf on a project to develop videos to support our organizing for a Green MSD.

Here’s a link to a video that Barb did for Miami Group a few years ago on the sewage overflows from MSD:

The video was taped by Katie Danko and edited by Katie and Barbara Wolf.  Cincinnati has an out of date sewer system that should have been properly rebuilt years ago. It is a combined sewer overflow system and leaky sanitary sewers that allow sewage to back up in to basements when there is a rainstorm.  The Sierra Club’s lawyer showed the tape to the judge on the lawsuit that led to the consent decree. The judge called for plans to be submitted to him within 30 days to fix the problem.

For more information, contact Joe at [email protected] or 513-720-8744.