Biochar-Principles and Applications

When: Monday June 2, 2014 6:30 to 8:55 pm

6:30 enjoy pizza party!  presentation begins at at 7:00
Where: At the Dan Beard Boy Scout Council (10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH)

Speaker Alan Wight will talk about how the creation and application of Biochar (charcoal) to soils to improve crop fertility is an ancient practice that is receiving renewed attention for its ability to also sequester carbon. This presentation will cover the history, production methods, and benefits of biochar as it relates to creating more ecologically sustainable agricultural practices.

Alan conducts some of his research at the Gorman Farm, and he will take us on a tour the facility.

Biography: Alan Wight is an environmental sociologist and educator who studies the Human–Earth relationship. His research agenda focuses on raising people’s ‘food consciousness,’ by dialoguing about the personal health, economic, and larger ecological implications of our food system. As a market gardener, he grows produce for a community supported agricultural (CSA) program and works with communities and schools to reintroduce sustainable agriculture into our daily lives. Alan’s dissertation research examines the types of learning and education that occur within the CSA context. He also studies the relationship between preschoolers’ free play and their science inquiry on PlayScapes (natural playgrounds).