From Doug Bell: Ask Gov. Kasich to veto

SB 310 is a Bill currently in the Ohio House that will gut the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries in Ohio.  It will certainly pass the House this week and go to Gov. Kasich for his signature.  Our only chance to keep Ohio moving forward to a Green Economy is to convince him to veto it.  There’s an better-than-even chance that his veto would be upheld in the Senate.

Here’s what you can do,
1) use this link to contact him and let your voice be heard!  An email is best, but if you’re busy a phone call would take 3 minutes and the phone calls are tallied and so they do matter.  There’s probably not enough time for a letter. Ask him or his staff to view this video.

2) email your friends who care about our air and water and ask them to take action as well

3) Whatever you do, it has to be done today or tomorrow.

If this passes, Ohio will be the first state in the US to roll-back these laws.  The other side has hundreds of millions of dollars, all we have is us.

Here’s the latest update: