Sierra Club distributed 100 rain barrels this spring!


The Sierra Club is leading the green infrastructure revolution in Ohio.  We already distributed over 100 DIY Rain Barrels to members and partner organizations in 2014!  What is a DIY Rain Barrel?  Why is the Sierra Club providing free workshops?  How can I get a rain barrel?  

Stormwater is the leading source of water pollution. Every time it rains, our water is threatened. Contaminants from urban areas and agricultural fields are carried by stormwater over landscapes and deposited into waterways. The Sierra Club advocates for green infrastructure as a solution to stormwater pollution. Green infrastructure techniques use soils and vegetation to absorb, clean, and control stormwater the natural way. We continue to win green infrastructure victories at the local level because, in the long-run, greener is also cheaper. This year, the Club also hosted watershed conservation workshops to teach others about native plants, rain gardens, bio-swales, organic gardening/composting, and rain barrels.

Thanks to the generous support of the Aveda network for good  (View 2014 Rain Barrel Art Raffle Video) and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation the Club has coordinate over 20 watershed conservation workshops over the past two years that entailed building 250 rain barrels, creating 2 rain gardens, digging 500 ft of bio-swales, and planting, 1,500 individual trees and native plant species.  Community partnerships with Imago Earth Center and Historic South Park neighborhood association have helped the Club provide watershed education to targeted areas.

rbw1In May and June over 35 rain barrels were distributed in Dayton’s Historic South Park Neighborhood.  Participants learned about stormwater pollution and how rain barrels save money and the environment.  Then they converted a 55 gallon food grade plastic drum into their very own repurposed Rain Barrel, capable of capturing 1,000 gallons of stormwater over the course of a year.  “Too often we take clean water for granted.  Harvesting rain water is one way to start thinking of water as a resource”, said Sierra Club Conservation Director Matt Trokan.


Join the Green Infrastructure Revolution and  explore a Do it Yourself Rain Barrel Workshops. Each participant will receive a 55 gallon food grade plastic barrel, a DIY Earth Minded diverter kit, and learn how to install their barrel at home. Workshops are FREE, however availability is limited so be sure to sign up today!

Please fill out the rain barrel workshop sign up sheet to learn more about workshops in your area.