Duke spills oil into Ohio River at Beckjord Power Plant

thousands of gallons spill according to the Business Courier

Cleanup will take days according to ORANCO.

and the view of Duke Energy

U.S. EPA Serving as On-Scene Coordinator in Emergency Response to Ohio River Oil Spill

Sierra Club Response to Duke Energy Spill in Ohio River

NEW RICHMOND, Ohio — Authorities are investigating an oil spill from Duke Energy’s Beckjord Station, about 20 miles from Cincinnati. Officials say about 5,000 gallons have spilled into the Ohio River.

In response, Sierra Club Organizer, Neil Waggoner, released this statement:

“This is yet another example of dirty fossil fuels putting us at risk. We pay with our health. We pay for the dangerous cleanup with our tax dollars. At the same time that Duke Energy was spilling oil in our river, it’s also asking the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to bail out its old, polluting coal plants by passing extra costs on to its customers. If utilities in Ohio invested these dollars in clean energy, we could breathe easier, have safe water and power our lives without suffering the dangers of refineries and coal plants.”