County, city fighting over sewers again

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports “The fight over Hamilton County’s sewer district ramped up again Wednesday when county officials accused the city of Cincinnati of ignoring its instructions and risking hundreds of millions of dollars in ratepayers’ money.”  Read More

The county resolution reads, in part, ” The County Prosecutor is requested to enforce these and other Resolutions of the Board
with respect to the MSDGC, including the employment of Special Counsel for such enforcement,
and to evaluate the potential financial liability of the City, as operator of MSDGC, for ultra vires
actions taken by MSDGC outside of its authority and in violation of the instructions provided by
the County.

The County Administrator is directed to notify the Interim City Manager of this
Resolution and seek to obtain from the Interim City Manager written confirmation within five (5)
business days that the City will cause the County’s instructions to the City regarding MSDGC to
be complied with immediately and will take corrective action to address damages caused by the
ongoing and prior failures of MSDGC to be in compliance with the instructions of the County, as
Read the full resolution here.

Sierra Club appreciates the county’s increased oversight, review and diligence in reviewing and directing the work of the MSDGC.