Why oppose the Eastern Corridor Highway

stop the eastern corridorIt’s expensive, and it will increase truck traffic by the thousands!

According to a recent editorial in the Cincinnati Enquirer, “The goals of the Eastern Corridor are…insufficient to justify both the cost – estimated at $1.4 billion for all the components – and the damage it could inflict. Research suggests that building new roads only temporarily alleviates traffic congestion; after a period…the congestion returns.”

It’s not healthy!

The same Enquirer editorial concluded that the proposed highway “would attract more auto traffic through a low-lying valley, increasing both air and noise pollution. Thousands of scientific studies demonstrate that automobile exhaust generated by traffic can harm our health and result in complications such as asthma, heart disease and cancer. Our children and our elderly are at greatest risk.

It will destroy our neighborhoods!

Up to half the homes and businesses in Newtown would be affected, and Mariemont could lose its historic South 80 recreational and archaeological area. Madisonville is currently fighting for slow-speed “Complete Streets” to support local schools, businesses and residents.

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