2015 Q1 Communications Committee Update

Many of you may not be aware that I took on chairmanship of a new committee last spring: The Communications Committee, which encompasses the existing Happenings team, but expands the scope to include and coordinate our various web sites and other communications with our members and the general public.

The major activity last year was to upgrade our technology base by switching to a new web “hosting” provider and to the latest version of WordPress, which required a new “template” as well. Thus, the new “look and feel” of the site. We made several other changes as well, most notably the new Home Page, which is now devoted to current Actions to Take and Upcoming Events. The new site was rolled-out in mid-December.

At the Retreat in January, one session on Sunday was devoted to discussion of how to improve the Happenings newsletter and otherwise recruit new members more effectively. The GREP Committee published notes on what was discussed. Larry Schartman organized a follow-up meeting March 25th, which he, Marie Kocoshis, Elizabeth Durrell and I attended. The discussion was wide-ranging. Larry has published minutes, and plans to present the findings to ExCom at their April meeting.

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