Dayton Connection Blog

Scott Bushbaum is a member of the Executive Committee, the Ohio Chapter Executive Committee and is acting as  primary liaison to the Dayton area. Scott’s experience is in fundraising and non-profit organizational management. He began as a staff canvasser for Ohio Citizen Action in 1988. Scott joined the Sierra Club Activist Network in 2010 and quickly attained Leader status. Currently, his work with Greenpeace USA is focused on the Arctic Response Team and ending oil expedition in the East Beaufort Sea and East Siberian North. Key issues of note are Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline, Ohio HB 310 and SB 122, and anti-fracking on public lands. Camping, bicycling and travel are interests that keep Scott committed to natural preservation in America. This blog will serve to keep Miami Group and Ohio Chapter Sierra Club members “in the loop” regarding his Club activities.