America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act

Dear Ohio Friends for Utah Wilderness:

America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act will be re-introduced into Congress the week of May 18 so it’s time to ask all those who co-sponsored in the last Congress to renew for this Congress.

Photo by Ray Bloxham
Photo by Ray Bloxham

Sen. Sherrod Brown is on that list and it would be great to have his support formally listed when the bill is introduced.

Please call his office at 202-224-2315 and leave this message:

“I have appreciated Sen. Brown’s past support for protecting the red rock wilderness in southern Utah and would like him to continue by becoming an original co-sponsor of ‘America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act’. Preserving these lands is important to me. Please ask Sen. Brown to contact Sen. Durbin’s office soon. Thank you.”

And then follow it up with an email here where you can say something about the top one or two reasons this is important to you while repeating the request for co-sponsorship.

You can learn more about America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act here.

Many thanks for taking the time to help wild lands!

Clayton Daughenbaugh
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Note: Clayton Daughenbaugh will be presenting the Red Rock Wilderness at an Inning this fall.