Spring Cleaning Waste Disposal Tips

Basements, garages, sheds, cabinets and closets—who knows what lurks behind those closed doors and in those dark corners. As you launch into spring cleaning, you may find materials that you’re not sure how to dispose of properly. Here are common materials that accumulate in our homes and where you can recycle or dispose of them safely.

: Most regular household batteries (such as AA and AAA) can be thrown out with the regular trash, but per Debbie Clark: It’s better to find an appropriate waste disposal for batteries, so as not to contaminate soil and prevent leakage into groundwater.  Staples will take household batteries, used notebook binders, plastic bags, and electronics.  Check out their web site for specifics.  Another good site is Hamiltoncountyrecycles.org.

Canter Battery Co., Inc. and most Oil Express locations in Greater Cincinnati will also accept regular household batteries at no charge. Because they can be a potential fire hazard, do not keep used batteries around the home.

Compact Florescent Lightbulbs: Batteries Plus Bulbs, Lowe’s and The Home Depot accept used CFLs at no charge.

Fire extinguishers: Cintas Warehouse and Silco Fire Protection both accept these at no charge.

Gasoline and Kerosene: Burton’s Collision and Symmes Township accept these fuels, as well as other automotive fluids.

Latex paint: Latex paint is not hazardous and once it’s solid it can be thrown out with the regular trash.

For a complete list of items that have special recycling outlets or reuse opportunities, visit the Recycling & Reuse Outlets page on our website. When in doubt, call our Recycling Hotline with questions on how to reduce, reuse and recycle at (513) 946-7766.

Source for more details: Spring Cleaning