Public Meeting on August 6th regarding Segments II/III of the Eastern Corridor

ODOT is holding a public meeting on Segment II / III of the Eastern Corridor on August 6 2015 from 4 to 7 pm

Nagel Middle School Cafetorium
1500 Nagel Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45255

Here is the announcement.
Here’s what ODOT says about the meeting:

ODOT obtained and carefully considered current stakeholder priorities to develop a recommended plan for moving forward with this important component of the Easter Corridor. At the public meeting, ODOT will reiterate the following decisions that were communicated to project stakeholders at an earlier meeting:
ODOT will not currently study previously-identified transportation corridors that may have resulted in a new alignment across the Little Miami River floodplain.

ODOT’s current focus will be on making improvements to the existing roadway network through this area, primarily west of Church Street. ODOT will gather new traffic data to help prioritize transportation needs in this area and identify what can reasonably be addressed through this next phase of work.

Public input will continue to be solicited to help identify priorities.

Specific next steps include the following:

  • Holding a Public Information Meeting to provide an opportunity to review and comment on ODOT’s recommended plan for moving SR 32 project improvements (Segment II/III) forward – August 6, 2015
  • Finalizing the recommended plan based on public input
  • Updating the project purpose and need to prioritize problem areas and needs that can be addressed by the project
  • Evaluating dividing various segments of the SR 32 Corridor into independent projects for further development
  • Encouraging public and stakeholder involvement