Congratulations to our Paddlesports Team

Emmy Fabich teaching in the Women's Introduction to Kayaking School
Emmy Fabich teaching in the Women’s Introduction to Kayaking School

Please join me to congratulate Emmy Fabich. She has become an approved 101 Outing Leader for the Sierra Club Paddlesport Program. She was co-leader for the River Kayak school, the Women’s Intro to kayaking and the Lake Recreational School.

Joining us as an instructor for the first time was Dene Berman. He taught in the River School and the Roll School. Greg Wolfe served as a mentor instructor for Emmy. Greg offered several canoe schools for the program.

Larry Bowdre was to join us again this year as an assisting instructor, got boats for us to use in a school, and at the last moment had a medical emergency which put him in the hospital. Fortunately it was resolved and he will be able to help with the Sept school.

Roll School students and instructors
Roll School students and instructors

Amy Dingle, Nicky Haar, Dene Berman and John Randolph conducted our first Roll School in many years. They had to work around thunder showers but were able to complete the
course. Dene lost a precious watch but a friend of his who is a diver came to the rescue. It was a water watch and a gift.

paddlesports 2015 - 2 of 3
Nicky and Amy – the co-leaders of Roll School

Amy and Nicky had become approved 101 Outing Leaders earlier in the spring.

Lois Logan served as an assisting instructor in two of the schools. It is great to have her join us bringing years of experience.

Lynn Frock served as co-leader in several of the schools in a support role for the new lead instructors.

Pat Foreman and Martha Gitt joined us as apprentice instructors. Martha taught in 2 of the schools and will teach in the touring school. Martha is now an assisting instructor with us. Both of these women are excellent in their working with students.

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Dene and Amy showing a rescue technique

Eric Dahlstrom has also joined our kayak schools as an assisting instructor. One of his interests is Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP).

We have many excellent photos as Ben Kaufman was willing to attend all the schools with his many lenses.

Ben also served as the coordinator of the safety kayakers for the Open Water Swim Championship filling in for Doug King, who had to work.

Martha Gitt, Larry Bowdre and Jim Ray also attended. Nathan Ruggles wanted to join in – but he is moving away from Cincinnati. There were several rescues of the swimmers as well as a lunch and t-shirt as a thank you.

All of our kayak schools had full registrations and some with a wait list. So, we have lots of new kayakers who are wanting to get on the water. Invite them along with you!

paddlesports 2015 - 3 of 3
John Randolph teaching a hip snap

We have a Touring Kayaking School in September. I hope you can join us. Let’s fill it too.

We used Get-me-Registered this year for the first time. It is an online registration process. While I had some doubts about switching to it, the use of it proved to be easy and certainly reduces the work related to registration.

None of these schools would happen without publicity.  Donna Loughry’s professional publicity skills includes the development of the materials and the website. Ben Kaufman places publicity materials in many locations; thanks also to the many others who help him.

We have so many stores and websites that allow us to place our publicity materials.  There are so many people and businesses that allow us the opportunity to rent or donate the use of boats, meeting spaces, lakes and gear.  Camp Kern, Cruising on East Fork, D and D Outfitters, Whitewater Warehouse, Xavier University, Wright State University all supplied boats this year!

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and your love of paddling and for wanting to share that love with students.