Award Winners from the Nov. 7th Member Appreciation Dinner

The Pot Luck Dinner was great! The following awards were presented:

Gabrielle Russell — New Activist Award for work on Water issues with Matt Trokan and her past plastic projects at UC.

Emily Cigolle — New Activist Award for her work as liaison between the Miami Group and UC Environmental groups.
Chris Curran — Guardian of the Little Miami Award, for her years of work to protect the Little Miami River.
Wild & Scenic Committee — Committee of the Year Award for their work on the Eastern Corridor (honored with beer & pizza for their next meeting.)
Nathan Alley — Above & Beyond Award for working with Wild & Scenic Committee as a staff person.
Sandy Wood — Above & Beyond Award for her work with Outings and Ex-com.
Alvin Denenberg — Old Faithful Award for work with Outings and Innings.
Doug Jose, Communications Chair — Above & Beyond Award for work on the website and on-line services.
Leesa Scudder — Old Faithful Award for work on publishing our newsletter.
Pat Frock — Oracle Award for guidance and advice for many committees in the Miami Group.
Joe Bowman — Above & Beyond Award for producing videos on MSD and his years of service on Ex-com.
Bob Park — Super Cup Award for his work on the Blue-Green Alliance, supporting our work with MSD, being a member of the Wild & Scenic committee, and years of service on ex-com.