“Say It Like You Mean It!” – Letter Writing meeting at Boston Stoker Centerville on December 2, 2015

On December 2, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. Scott Bushbaum, Executive Committee Representative and Christopher Hess, Miami Group Volunteer met with at the Boston Stoker Coffeehouse at Washington Square to write letters and hash out the issues!

We talked on issues and wrote letters on the Clean Power Plan, and utility bailout measures in Ohio, recycling initiatives in Dayton, and Bureau of Land Mgmt. mineral rights in the Wayne National Forest. Our strength in numbers as the largest environmental group in Ohio can speak volumes in getting our voice heard!

As the letter writing began, we met Rachel Carr, Environmental Club President of Centerville High School. She introduced herself and told us of her Club’s meeting schedule at Centerville High School. I mentioned that coordinating efforts between the Sierra Club and the Environmental Club is encouraged. The future of environmental action is within the ranks of those youth who will work for a less polluted world.

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club -Miami Group Executive Committee / Ohio Chapter Executive Committee