Sign the Petition to Issue “War Bonds” to finance the War on Climate Change!

Please consider the Carbon Xprint process as a viable carbon mitigation strategy. The strategies of cap-and-trade, carbon tax, and REC’s attack the problem by making fossil fuels less attractive. They do not build the infrastructure that we need. Trillions of dollars are needed to finance this new infrastructure. Clean energy makes financial sense. The Carbon Xpint process allows quantitative offsetting of one’s carbon footprint by making incremental investments in certified clean energy projects. The investment unit cost matches the cost of a ton of carbon. To offset one ton of a footprint, one unit of the investment is purchased. These “ war bonds ” for the climate effort could be offered with or without government intervention. Their flexibility provides an opportunity for individuals and companies to be engaged. This method allows anyone to measure their climate responsibility and profitably contribute to building a clean and safe energy system.

Source: Petition · A Carbon Mitigation Strategy that Builds Clean Energy ·