Sierra Club Opposes the Removal of Cowan Lake’s Ten Horsepower Restriction

The Executive Committee of the Miami Group, Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club is asking Michael Miller, Ohio Division of Natural Resources Acting Chief, Division of Watercraft and Deborah Green, Division of Watercraft to oppose the removal of Cowan Lake’s 10 Horsepower Restriction. Another dangerous lake in this area of SW Ohio is not needed.

The Sierra Club has long used this lake as a flat water venue for our paddle sports program including, Canoeing, Sea Kayak, Recreational Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board. The near absence of an upset risk from waves is much appreciated by students who have little if any paddling experience. Instructors to the paddle sports program understand how important this quality is to teaching on such an undisturbed lake and appreciate the lower risk.

The Sierra Club understands the importance of paddling in a lovely setting with the charm of waterfowl. the gentle sound  of water lapping. Why disturb this unique place? Why remove the charm and the quiet nature of Cowan Lake to the large number of people who today are using non-powered boats.

Contrast this with the dangers found on Ceasar’s Creek Lake and East Fork Lake – high potential of collisions with boaters and water skiers and large waves. Many lakes in SW Ohio offer high horsepower limits for people who seek the need for speed and the ability to enjoy their recreational use of high horsepower freedom. Leave Lake Cowan for the sailboat and canoe type boater who enjoys the tranquility only it can offer and act to preserve this treasure!

Lynn Frock & Scott Bushbaum -Sierra Club Miami Group