Fair and Affordable Sewer Rates Town Hall

Town Hall on Fair and Affordable Sewer Rates

Sierra Club, ECO and Community Shares announce a Town Hall on Fair and Affordable Sewer Rates on April 26 from 7-9.  The evening’s program  will feature a keynote speaker   (to be announced) followed by a  question and answer session. There will be refreshments and registration @6:30 PM. Event will be held in the Geier room in the mt. Auburn Presbyterian church located @ 103 William Howard Taft  Road, Cincinnati 45219.

MSD sewer rates have risen rapidly due to the outstanding amount of repair and maintenance and fixes required by the consent decree.  While this work will create good jobs, clean up our local streams and rivers, the rate structure places a heavy burden on those who have low incomes.  Other cities have rate relief and different structures that make rates more affordable and still allow crucial infrastructure work to continue.