Harry Black releases memo “MSD risk assessment”

City Manager launches special investigation into mismanagement, misconduct, and abuses at the Metropolitan Sewer District.

The memo states “This office began to investigate the allegations of mismanagement, potential fraud and irregular contracting practices at the MSD during the period of time when MSD and GCWW operated as a “joint utility.””


The concerns raised in the course of these preliminary interviews are of a grave nature and include three main areas that require continued investigation and inquiry: (l) mismanagement, lack of’ accountability and oversight with respect to the MSD budget and contracting, generally; (2) the widespread use of contractors and consultants to fill roles that would more appropriately have been filled by full time City employees or in some cases to duplicate roles already filled by City employees; and (3) the potential misuse of ratepayer or City funds for the purchase and delivery of professional services to the MSD.”


“The seriousness of this matter cannot be overstated.” Read the full memo “msd risk assessment” here.