“Speech in Action” Meeting – Boston Stoker – Centerville Ohio – March 21, 2016

Fellow Dayton Sierrans,

I’ve spoken to many a person in Dayton about the Sierra Club. I saw many of you at the Midwest Outdoor Experience (some who just love hunting elk). I spoke to even more on a frozen February day at the Adventure Summit 2016 at Wright State University.

Ok. So you’re shy.

Oh, but you like coffee, yes?

On the third Monday in March, I’ll set up camp at the Boston Stoker in Centerville (armed with a credit card and the Will to buy coffee or tea. Look I only do this once a month and if you aren’t here, awwww c’mon Pilgrim!

We talk a lot about clean energy. We talk about the surcharge for a quarter on plastic single-use bags at Kroger’s and Meijer’s in Dayton. You name it, we talk it. I listen to you. I then go to Cincinnati two days later and tell the Executive Committee about what you say. That is speech in action and you count!

See you there and if you’re caffeine challenged, you won’t be for long.

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club Miami Group – Executive Committee