Tremont City Barrel Fill Landfill Update / March 2016

Dear Friends,

According to Marilyn Welker, People for Safe spokesperson, Robert Kaplan, the Acting Administrator for USEPA Region 5 in Chicago wrote, “they have secured the services of the Army Corps of Engineers to develop and evaluate additional remediation measures to address Site contamination.” at the Tremont City Barrel Landfill. The Army Corps draft report on the project is scheduled for completion this month. The news is good for the people affected because a new change in plans for a cleanup is underway. Of course, time will pass for bureaucracy to take place. There is talk that a “truck it out, haul out” is a solution for removing the contamination waste.

Ohio EPA Director, Craig Butler reported to a member of People for Safe Water that, “Once an acceptable plan for remediation has been developed, we have been told and we will encourage USEPA to conduct significant public outreach to discuss possible changes with stakeholders.” Butler goes on to say, “Ohio EPA will support a final remedy that is first and foremost protective of human health and the environment, but also cost effective.”

Ms. Welker goes to quote the USEPA’s Community Involvement Handbook that asserts, “Congress, in establishing the Superfund Program wanted the Agency to be guided by the lives of the people whose lives are impacted by Superfund sites…the intent of the law is…Ensure the public the appropriate opportunities for involvement in a wide variety of site related decisions, including site analysis and characterization, alternatives analysis and selection of remedy….”

Read more comments from Administrator Kaplan and Director Butler here:

Scott Bushbaum Sierra Club – Miami Group/Ohio Chapter ExCom