Recap of the 2016 Miami Group Retreat

Photos and highlights from the Retreat 1/23 (at the Jesuit Center in Milford; photos by Evan and Alvin Denenberg):

On Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016, the 38th annual Retreat was held at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford.  In spite of the snow and cold, about 45 folks were present.

In the first session Don Sherman introduced us to a young woman, Rebekah Kartal, who’s spent much of her time traveling through Central America.  She helped us see how climate change and El Nino affect a poor agricultural society and can lead to increased immigration.

Cincinnati Councilwoman Amy Murray, who chairs the committee on transportation, joined us to share her thoughts and entertained comments and questions on the streetcar, our roads, bridges and other issues.

After lunch folks had time to walk outdoors, visit a nearby preserve, or continue discussing the issues of the morning.

Dr. Brenda Hunda from the Museum Center led us through a challenging look at evolution and extermination.  She challenged us to use our reason and work to save the animals that are faring well, not just use our emotions to try to save the cute or cuddly ones who have fewer resources to keep them going.  And to consider the fact that all species will one day die out – including ourselves.  The room was buzzing loudly during and after that talk!!

Wade Johnston, trail coordinator for Green Umbrella, introduced us to the various groups related to Green Umbrella and the many bike trails in our tri-state area – ones that have been around for a long time, some that are being expanded, and some that are being planned.

After happy hour and dinner, Jan and Randy Johnson were our last presenters, sharing their pictures, travels and extensive knowledge about the Mayan ruins in Mexico.

Photos and highlights from the Retreat 1/24 (at the Miami Group office; photos by Evan and Alvin Denenberg):

On Sunday, Jan. 24, about 20 members gathered at the Sierra Club office near Eden Park for the last part of our retreat.  While a large number were part of the ex-com orientation, led by Pat Frock, a smaller group worked on how to increase attendance at our monthly meetings/Innings.

Later the two groups came together to work on a persistent problem – How do we reach out to diverse populations and find ways to work together?  After all the hard work, we enjoyed a lunch and more conversation.   If you missed the retreat this year, watch for information about the 2017 retreat.