State of Ohio seeks Federal help for lead contamination in Dayton area park – April 10, 2016

State officials are looking to the US EPA for “assistance in conducting a time critical removal action” at Layer Park in Miami Twp.  Layer Park was, in the 1950’s, a skeet shooting range. Lately, soil samples have revealed lead contamination with levels high enough to warrant closing the park and opening an investigation into a clean up. The lead contamination is said to be high enough to be an airborne threat as contaminated dust. This news according to Michael Proffitt, acting chief of OEPA’s division of environmental response and revitalization. Proffitt made these statements to the US EPA Chicago office on April 5, 2016.

Lead levels in the park are a concern for the effect on a child’s development and to pregnant women. High levels can reduce a child’s IQ, causing difficulty in learning and in concentration disorders, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

“Portions of the former skeet shooting range were also developed for residential for private residences; a long time resident said anecdotally that shot landed on their roof when the range was open”. Miami Township Administrator Greg Rogers said he welcomed the state’s efforts.  “I’m pleased they are seeking federal assistance.” He states, “I think it’s a good move by the OEPA  and certainly we’ll support that in any way we need to.”

Sierra Club Miami Group Post information found and based on an article in the “Dayton Daily News – April 6, 2016”  content by Nick Blizzard, Staff Writer

Scott Bushbaum – Dayton Connections- Sierra Club Miami Group Executive Committee