Join us for the 4th Annual Sierra Club “Dayton Connections” Area Picnic!

Fellow Sierra Club “Dayton Connections” followers,

Look for more information in the weeks to follow about the Miami Group’s “Dayton Connections” Area Picnic.

I originally scheduled this event for July 23rd at Triangle Park. After some consideration as to traffic and location, I am looking for another venue. Delco Park in Kettering and Dominick Lofino Park in Beavercreek are among those I look to move the picnic to for more ease of access and facilities.

I bring a frisbee. I bring my glove and baseball bat for a pick up game for the not so timid. Otherwise, feel free to bring the family dog and a fun day with us.


Questions? Just email me at [email protected]

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club Miami Group “Dayton Connections”