Speak out in favor of Green Transportation!

There are two opportunities for concerned citizens to speak up in favor of green transportation choices and against further highway building and expansion in Greater Cincinnati.

EC-StudyAreas-Map-20161.) The Ohio Department of Transportation is seeking input as it redraws plans for the Eastern Corridor, which could include major new highway construction in the Anderson Township-Newtown area. Citizens attending six public forums spoke out strongly in favor of low-impact projects to improve safety and expand bike trails and transit options. You can do the same using the online survey at:


Let ODOT know our asthma rates are too high already, and we oppose any efforts to build highways that would endanger the many parks, lakes, and high-quality forests in Segments 2 and 3.

2.) The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana (OKI) Regional Council of Governments is updating the 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan. Despite data showing the greatest number of serious accidents (p.66-67) is outside the Eastern Corridor area, ODOT continues to pour money into consultants and public relations work to promote the Eastern Corridor rather than prioritize resources where they are most needed.

Let OKI know that our tax dollars should be spent more wisely. We need to repair the crumbling Western Hills Viaduct and invest in transit to reduce congestion on our overcrowded interstates.

Submit comments online at: http://2040.oki.org/public-involvement/

Or attend the public hearing at 5pm, Monday June 6th at the OKI Board Room 720 E. Pete Rose Way #420 Cincinnati, OH 45202.