Save Garden Station in Dayton!


Garden Station, a volunteer run, community garden just north of the Oregon District in downtown Dayton Ohio is in danger of eviction. The City of Dayton has served Garden Station an eviction notice due on October 31, 2016. The developer is named CITY Properties Group and they are headquartered in Louisville KY.

Please help save Garden Station from the developers next door who wish to close Garden Station. Simply call Barry Alberts or Bill Weyland and tell them how much you enjoy Garden Station! Explain with pictures how much Garden Station means to Dayton and to you!

The contact telephone for CITY Properties Group, Mr. Alberts and Mr. Weyland is (502) 561-7885. The email address for Mr. Barry Alberts is http://[email protected].

The website for CITY Properties Group is

Find more information to save Garden Station on the Facebook page at

Scott Bushbaum – Dayton Connections – Miami Group – Executive Committee