BP Pipeline Issue in Centerville Ohio & What We’ll Do to Fix It !!!

When a major natural gas company wants to clear cut trees in Centerville for some pipeline work, the Sierra Club rises to the challenge!

An area resident named Carla noticed late June 2016 that the BP Gas Company was about to clear cut a wooded area near her home in Centerville Ohio. Why? Maintenance to an existing diesel and natural gas pipeline at latitude 39.660503496040576 and longitude -84.1410544857751.

Carla contacted the Sierra Club Miami Group to ask what can be done to save the trees that shade her neighborhood and make a swing for her daughter.

Answer comes from Brian Kwaitkowski, Miami Group Executive Committee member. Brian challenges BP with advice to Carla. The advice? Write the US Ohio Fish and Wildlife Service office in Columbus Ohio and ask if an environmental assessment has been completed. Brian also suggested asking if BP has a programmatic agreement with USFWS to clear during the summer roosting season, indicating species like the Indiana Bat may be threatened by clear cutting trees.

Moreover, I suggest writing a story to the Dayton Daily News and the Centerville Times. I asked what method the neighborhood was notified of the pipeline work. Knocking doors with only a few people home during the daytime hours is one example of how public notice is given. I offered Carla contact information for a person from the City of Dayton Environmental Advisory Board who practices environmental law as well.

Furthermore, In mentioning that writing letters is the best way to have lawmakers and public officials act on behalf of their constituents;  a neighborhood effort to write BP will be very useful in making a strong case for saving the trees. Not a day or two later, Carla’s story made the early morning news on WHIO-TV Channel 7 locally bringing her story to Dayton and beyond!

When matters like this threaten nature, the Sierra Club will fight to preserve, and protect the resources of Ohio and the United States of America. Please feel comfortable talking to the Miami Group representatives about ways to protect water, air and land when our help is needed.

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club Miami Group “Dayton Connections”

NPMS Public Map Viewer of the pipeline is available in the link below: https://www.npms.phmsa.dot.gov/PublicViewer/composite.jsf