Alternatives to the Duke Pipeline

The Duke Energy gas pipeline shouldn’t be in anybody’s back yard
the pipeline SHOULDN’T BE BUILT. Period

It is a giant, high pressure, transmission pipeline to take natural gas through our neighborhoods in Hamilton County. This 30 Inch pipe pushes gas through at 720 psi. Explosions can cause extensive loss of life. Looks like it’s going to be taking fracked gas from eastern Ohio and PA to the Midwest and South.
It is like a continuous oil train moving huge quantities with potentially catastrophic consequences. If natural gas were the answer for future energy policy, that would be a discussion. It ISN’T.
We need to be supporting sustainable, safe technologies.
Duke should be investing in residential and commercial retrofits for energy efficiency in heating and cooling – that’s the cheapest way to make more energy available for the future.
Duke should also invest in renewable energy, including solar, wind and geothermal, which are safe, economical and eliminate climate-change causing emissions and leaks.
Tell the Ohio Power Siting Board that you oppose the pipeline. Refer to Case # 16-0253-GA-BTX; Duke Energy Central Corridor Natural Gas Pipeline, and mail to the Ohio Power Siting Board, 180 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.
Stand together with all communities and rural areas!

Go with the winners:

The Sierra Club helped stop the Eastern Corridor freeway through Newtown and Madisonville.

The Sierra Club is demanding MSD do green solutions to storm water management while lowering sewer charges on water bills and stopping sewer overflows and basement backups.

The Sierra Club helped defeat the levy for the City Parks that lacked appropriate transparency, public participation and community input.

Sierra Club has stopped over 100 coal plants from damaging the environment and communities.

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