Show your support for Ohio’s largest clean energy project!!

AEP, American Electric Power is on the verge of making Ohio the hub for clean energy in the Midwest and you play an important role in making it happen!

Neil Waggoner, from Sierra Club Beyond Coal is raising awareness for this deal to bring a historic deal to Ohio for wind and solar power.

The Public Utility Commission of Ohio is hearing comments on AEP’s work to bring solar and wind power to Ohio and end some demands on coal energy. This deal will be a healthy move for Ohio away from toxic carbon and sulfur dioxide emissions.

See more at the link below. A meeting is scheduled in Columbus for August 25, 2016 where the public is invited to speak for clean, renewable energy. Thank you for your support and Go Green Ohio![email protected]&l=418_HTML&u=20932882&mid=7219454&jb=1

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club – Miami Group Executive Committee