Sierra Club Endorsements 2016

Important! Vote for Hillary Clinton and Ted Strickland as well as the following state and local candidates who have been interviewed and endorsed by the Sierra Club.
Michelle Young, running for the first Congressional District in Ohio, has also been endorsed.

driehausDenise Driehaus for HAMILTON COUNTY COMMISSIONER (D). Ms. Driehaus has received endorsement from Sierra Club as the Representative for the 31st District of the State of Ohio in previous elections.

At MSD, she wants to see more functional transparency, an open approach and a new structure still allowing current city employees to participate in the city pension fund.

She is in favor of terminating state funding for the Eastern Corridor project with the exception of keeping funds for road improvements in Madisonville. She has built relationships during her tenure on the State Transportation Task Force there to allow her to leverage capital dollars. Last, she is in favor of a county-wide ban of injection wells.

portune Todd Portune for HAMILTON COUNTY COMMISSIONER (D)  Mr. Portune has been endorsed many times by the Sierra Club. One of his priorities is transportation, particularly increasing rail locally and regionally. He would also promote bike travel and barge freight as important (he says most environmental and cheapest). He also thought that High Occupant Vehicle lanes would be beneficial.

One of his priorities is the Metropolitan Sewer District. He is having discussions on the governance structure. Commissioner Portune stated that he prefers Green Infrastructure for the MSD projects, saying they will save money. He states he agrees with some of the conclusions of the Hamilton County Rate Affordability Task Force and is looking to lower the minimum charge.

Infrastructure repair priorities would be the Western Hills Viaduct and the Brent Spence bridge.

kelly Brigid Kelly for STATE REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE 31st DISTRICT IN HAMILTON COUNTY (D) Brigid Kelly is running for the district previously represented by Denise Driehaus who is term limited. Ms. Kelly has prior political experience, serving on Norwood City Council. She currently works as a labor organizer for UFCW Local 75.

Ms. Kelly is against the proposed Duke Energy pipeline that will cross several of the neighborhoods in the 31st District. She believes drinking water should be safe and tested for lead on a consistent basis. If elected would work to reinstate the energy standards implemented under the Strickland Administration. She supports clean renewable power that will provide good paying jobs in Ohio. She also supports light rail and more bike paths and lanes.

She hopes to follow in the environmental footsteps of Denise Driehaus who was a champion of the Sierra Club at the Ohio Statehouse.

mirandaJessica Miranda for STATE REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE 28th DISTRICT IN HAMILTON COUNTY (D) Ms. Jessica Miranda, Democrat, is a small business owner and President of the Forest Park Board of Education. She is running for the seat previously held by Connie Pillich. The district is considered one of the few swing districts in the state. Ms. Miranda’s opponent is an incumbent Republican who supports fracking and is anti-environmental.

She is against fracking but believes as long as it continues it should be taxed, regulated and required to with the Clean Water and Air Acts. She opposes Duke Energy’s plans to build a massive gas pipelines through the 28th House District.

She supports improving local infrastructure such as sewers, bridges and the efforts to test drinking water for lead and other contaminants. She believes in safe, reliable transit access for all Ohioans. She does not support logging, mining and drilling on Ohio’s public lands.

rubin Suzi Rubin for STATE REPRESENTATIVE FROM THE 53RD DISTRICT IN BUTLER COUNTY (D)  Ms. Rubin is a member of the Monroe City Council. She ran for State Rep in 2010 and 2012 and was endorsed by the Sierra Club. The incumbent is term limited. Her opponent is running as a Republican but is not being supported the by the Republican party.

She supports the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign and believes that renewable energy brings jobs and cleans the air. She would work to restore Ohio’s previous clean energy timeline dismantled by Senate Bill 310.

She supports a complete moratorium of hydro-fracking in Ohio. She believes that fracking is a home rule issue and that local communities in Ohio should be able to ban it for their communities. She does not believe mining and gas drilling should take place on public lands.

To prevent fertilizer and manure pollution she advocates a micro nutrient or pin-pointing fertilizer to only crops that need it. While this would be expensive for small farmers she recommends a grant or co-op program to help them reduce their fertilizer applications.


The Endorsement Process Both the Miami Group and the Ohio Chapter Executive Committees have approved these endorsements. The Miami Group Political Committee did the research and initial recommendations. That research included the use of candidate questionnaires and interviews, examination of voting records and leadership, and conversations with local environmental leaders. Gail Lewin chairs the Miami Group Political Committee. Other members are Gayle Ficken-Clarke, Marie Kokochis, Jean Cantor, Debbie Clark, Lynn Frock, Rich Jordan, Brian Kwiatkowski.

Get Involved for Positive Change The candidates we have described will make a positive difference in our region if elected. However, they need our help to be successful in November. Please learn more about the candidates by checking their websites. Choose a campaign or two you would like to help and give them a call. Even an hour or two can make a difference. As you work for the campaigns let them know you are a Sierra Club member who has Cincinnati’s environmental well-being in mind. Let’s work together to improve the environment in and around Cincinnati!