A Great Annual Membership Appreciation Dinner!

Photos by the Denenbergs: Evan, Carolyn, and Alvin.

On Saturday, November 19th, about 65 Miami Group Members and friends gathered at Garden Park Unity Church on Galbraith for our annual Member Appreciation Dinner.  One of our classic potluck dinners was followed by a brief update from each committee and the distribution of special awards:

Melissa English and Rachel Belz from Ohio Citizen Action presented Marilyn Wall and the Miami Group with their Metzenbaum Award for our work to get MSD to correct the sewer/stormwater system in Cincinnati.  (When Howard M. Metzenbaum retired from the U.S. Senate in 1994, Ohio Citizen Action decided to honor him by presenting an award in his name, synonymous with principled tenacity.)

This year we decided to honor those who’ve been members of the Sierra Club for 50+ years.  With National Sierra Club’s help we found 11 such members.  Only a few were able to join us:  Katherine and Thomas Cruse from Dayton, and Mike Fremont from Cincinnati.

The Executive Committee honored Elizabeth Durrell, retiring after her many years with ExCom.  Tim Hershey is also retiring as the club’s treasurer and was honored for his decade-plus of service to our group.

Three New Activist Awards were given:  Cailey Radcliffe with the Wild and Scenic committee , Amelia Mengon with Outings, and Monroe Trombly with Communications.

The Outings committee honored Alvin Denenberg with the Above and Beyond Award for his work in outings (especially the Thursday Morning Hikes) and Beyond that, his work on our monthly innings.  Doug Jose was honored as “the person who keeps on giving,” again for his work in outings, but also his role as chair of our communications committee.

Recipients of several other awards (including our Super Cup award) were not present and will receive their awards at the December 6 Inning (note that’s a Tuesday), committee meetings (and their living rooms if necessary!)  Watch the Jan./Feb. innings for the names of these recipients.

It was a delightful evening, and we hope you join us next year.