Hithergreen Springs, Woods and Species Protection in Washington Twp. Ohio

A grassroots move to designate a wooded area with natural springs as a nature reserve is underway in a Dayton Ohio suburb. Beginning on Monday May 1, 2017 citizens of Washington Twp. Ohio are making calls, writing letters and attending meetings regarding re-zoning the wooded area and waters behind the now vacated Hithergreen Senior Center at 5900 Hithergreen Dr. Dayton OH 45429. In June 2015, township officials and developers decided to not build a nursing home on the grounds once occupied by Hithergreen School. More news is available on this decision and offered in a link below.


According to area resident, Brian Schmitz. Peebles Homes has submitted a purchase agreement to the township for fifteen acres at $250,000.00 from the list price of $950,000.00. A public comment meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 9, 2017 at  the Washington Twp. Recreation Center at 895 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd. Dayton OH 45459. The meeting is scheduled for seven o’clock pm. The real estate listing for the Hithergreen Center is included at the web address below.


A long time resident of the Hithergreen area in Washington Twp. Ohio, Brian Schmitz circulates a petition at my home three weeks ago while canvassing neighbors to support this campaign. In speaking with Mr. Schmitz,  I say I volunteer for the Sierra Club.  He shows me photographs of the area, sandstone fossils among other speciation work of freshwater animals and plants. I mention that if an EIS is requested from the township and to US Fish and Wildlife, some delay in development may result.

Letters to City Manager Mark Metzger are to be directed to the Washington Twp. City Hall at 27 N. Main St. Dayton OH 45458. The telephone number for his office is (937) 433-8957 ext. #2832. Contact Brian Schmitz for more information at (513) 446-5000.

Scott Bushbaum Sierra Club – Miami Group – Executive Committee Dayton Connection