Sep 5, 2017 at 7:00 pm Innings: Braden Trauth; “Permaculture”

“Permaculture” by Braden Trauth
“Permaculture is an Ethical Ecological Design Science developed by Australians, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the mid 70’s. It trains people how to start living more ecological lives beginning at their own back door by applying the resilient, regenerative and symbiotic principles of nature to their daily lives through simple design methodologies. It gets to the fundamentals of life on earth through the energetic principles and foundations of ecosystems and civilizations and teaches us how to design with them, just as nature does, to build symbiosis into our lives again. Using the principles, permaculturists have been able to re-green deserts, restore hydrological cycles, reduce and/or eliminate their carbon footprint and many of these practices that permaculture has pioneered or adopted have been recently recognized as the top strategies to stop or reverse climate change in Paul Hawken’s new book, Drawdown.”

“A student of the originators of Permaculture, (Bill Mollison and David Holmgren), Braden has gone on to study with many other leaders in the field. He has been teaching and consulting with this knowledge since 2007 and has taught at places as varied as  the Earthship Academy, Haitian Farmers and the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture on behalf of USAID and currently teaches at Xavier University, University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute (, where he is the Executive Director. He also owns his Design/Consultancy Business O.M. Valley Permaculture ( and is currently launching the world’s first Permaculture/Regenerative Farming Certification, Permaganic Authenticated (”

Innings Location:  Boy Scouts Achievement Center; 10078 Reading Rd.; Evendale, OH 45241