David Ackerman: “Forestry and Forest Service

March 5th, 2018 INNINGS 7pm at Scouting Achievement Center, 10078 Reading Road, Evendale, Oh 45241

Speaker: David Ackerman
Topic: Forestry and Forest Service

David’s talk will focus on what the Forest & Public Lands committee does, the issues that are facing Ohio’s forests both state and national and the forest committees work to combat the attacks on our public lands here in Ohio.

Join David Ackerman as he shares his career with the Forest Service and discusses the amazing fields of Forestry and Field and Wildlife Biology.

David is the Co-chair of the Forest and Public Lands Committee for the Ohio chapter of the Sierra Club along with Loraine McCosker.  He studied fish and wildlife management at Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio and then went on to study wildlife biology at Humboldt State University in California. He worked as a naturalist in Michigan and California as well as a field biologist for Mad River Biologists out of McKinleyville, California where he worked on a two year project trying to detect the endangered Marbled Murrelet in inland stands of old growth forest in far Northern California.

David has worked on the forest committee since being elected to the Chapter Executive Committee back in 2016.  While there are numerous issues and battles to be fought on behalf of Ohio’s forests the past two years have seen a continuous effort on behalf of Sierra Club and other grass roots organizations to confront the destructive extractive resource practices in both the Wayne National Forest and many of Ohio’s 22 state forests.

He is also an avid hiker, birder and nature photographer and  thoroughly enjoys sharing those passions with his wife and two young boys.