2018 excom election

Miami Group Executive Committee (ExCom) Ballot

There are 5 open seats so please vote for no more than 5 for a two year term (2018-2019)

All votes must be received by mail or electronically by Dec 1, 2017

Joint memberships have two votes.  Copy your 8 digit membership number from the label to the return address section.  You can also find your membership number on Sierra Magaizine.

Vote electronically, using your membership number at miamigroup.org/2018-excom-election/ or follow the link below.

You will also receive a paper ballot in the newsletter that will arrive in your USPS mailbox on or after Oct 24.

Here is a pdf of the candidates ballot statements.

Due December 1, 2017. Vote paper or online.  Vote here!

Patricia (Trish) Brechlin: I am ready to pursue what the Sierra Club members in southwest Ohio think are most important to fulfill its mission. With over 20 years of environmental experience, I am well prepared to serve the organization. I have worked in the federal government both as a regulator and the regulated. Thus, I have a unique viewpoint of seeing both sides to an environmental problem, having worked with state and local governments and citizen organizations. More specifically, I gathered and reviewed documents for the Sierra Club for the Metropolitan Sewer District consent decree in Hamilton County. Other endeavors include serving as a co-director for natural resources with the League of Women Voters in Dayton and sampling and summarizing water quality data for a volunteer stream team.

Kathy Kugler: I am a retired school psychologist, activist, feminist, gardener, traveler and grammy. I am re-foresting my 3/4 acre in Sycamore Township and loving every minute. I want to make a positive difference in the lives of others, so I am active in Sierra Club, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Louie’s Legacy, Blue Ash Democrats, Cincinnati Art Museum and All Things Gardening. I assisted the Ex Com as temporary Secretary during the past several months.

Brian Kwiatkowski: I am a Certified Professional Ecologist (CE) and fluvial geomorphologist, with 16 years of experience in the watershed management and ecological restoration fields. I have collected and analyzed data on more than 400 miles of open channel throughout North America. I have also contributed to stormwater best management practice (BMP) manuals, addressing the design of river restoration projects, green infrastructure planning, and water quality improvement. I have served on the Sierra Club ExCom for the last two years, as well as having served as Chair of the Environmental Stewardship Commission for the City of Wyoming, and volunteering for the Gorman Heritage Farm, and other local environmental non-profit organizations.

Don Sherman: As Director of the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center, I was one of the original members of the Blue Green Alliance in Cincinnati. For most of my adult life as an attorney and union negotiator, I have been interested and involved in the need for unions, worker organizations, and environmental organizations. Here, I spend my time working with others on issues that concern the environment and labor.

Dr. Kaniz Siddiqui: My 30 years of experience in environmental policy development, program management, technical works, and teaching experiences, would greatly contribute to the Miami Valley Sierra Club. As a Ph. D. chemist, for 27 years, I worked for Metropolitan Sewer District in various capacities, and retired in 2016, as an Environmental Coordinator. I am involved with number of environmental organizations. Currently, I serve on the Board of Supervisors for the Hamilton County Soil and Conservation District, a member of the Hamilton County Environmental Advisory Council and SaveLocalWaters. I also have been on the Board of Trustees of the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities.

Marilyn Wall: Over the past two years I had a major role in organizing the Climate Rally on Fountain Square, which brought over 400 people to show their support for stopping Climate Change and this administration’s efforts to roll back environmental protection. I’ve also worked for fair and affordable sewer rates, that will still provide the needed financial resources to fix our sewer overflows and basement backups. I’ve worked to eliminate sewer plant odors reaching Price Hill. And most importantly, worked to get improvement to the sewer agreement between the city and county so that work gets done, instead of the ongoing delays. With the Miami Group excom, we’ve hired a volunteer coordinator to help recruit volunteers for Miami Group activities. I hope to continue this work to expand our efforts on Climate Change and increase diverse volunteer capacity in the Miami Group. It would be an honor and privilege to be able to continue to serve on the excom and I ask for your vote.

Brian Williams: I have been a member of the Sierra Club since 2003. For several years I participated in the Miami Group’s annual Morning Glory Ride, focusing on communications and logistics activities. I moved from Cincinnati to my native Dayton in last year partially to take advantage of the bike trail system in Montgomery and Greene counties. Since retiring from my job as an IT professional, I have been active in the Miami Valley Fair Congressional Districts petition drive. I’m seeking election to the Executive Committee because the environment is my first public affairs priority and has been ever since I worked as speech writer for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. During my time with ODNR, preserving the scenic quality of the Little Miami River was a major area of focus of the Gilligan administration, and the Miami’s Groups role over the years was my main reason for joining the Sierra Club. Other experiences include print journalism, president of the Cincinnati Newspaper Guild, treasurer of the Cincinnati Ulster Project, coaching Knothole baseball, and tutoring high school students.

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