Connect the Dots Leadership Training (March 24th & 25th)

The Connect the Dots Leadership Training is March 24th and 25th at  Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church, 103 William Howard Taft Rd. Cincinnati OH 45219. Allison Chin from the national Sierra Club Board will be helping to facilitate the leadership seminar.  The training will be Saturday from 8:30am-5:00pm and Sunday from 1-5pm., food and materials are included. The Sierra Club with the support of the Seasongood Foundation is providing the training for free but space is limited.

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This training is designed for teams of individuals who are working on a single issue or priority. All organizations and individuals are welcome to apply, and you do not need to be a Sierra Club member or part of an existing team to apply.  The goal of this training is to be a resource for new and existing leaders to deepen their commitment and connection, increase confidence in campaign planning and community organizing, and enhance their contribution to engaging more people in transformational opportunities.

Connect the Dots will include:

• Campaign Planning & Strategy

• Environmental Justice and Building Partnerships

• Engaging New Volunteers & Leaders

• Creating a Vision & Narrative

• Connecting to Community Values

• Power Mapping & Target Engagement