Saving Snow

Saving Snow – film presented by NKU and N Ky Citizens Climate Lobby March 22, 2018,  NKU Science Center.  See attached file for directions Greenhouse_S18_eventbrite_link

In February 2017, Brooklyn filmmaker Diogo Freire boarded a plane headed west, on his way to Hayward, WI, the setting for his upcoming film on the effects of climate change on American communities. What he didn’t know at the time was how sadly fitting an example of a warming world the tiny ski town would turn out to be. “Saving Snow” follows skiers, snowmobilers, sled dog guides, and other winter sports lovers from across the country. A disappearing snow season is more than just a frustration for the millions of Americans who enjoy winter sports. It means lost income for the many towns and small businesses that depend on winter tourism and recreation to stay afloat. “Saving Snow” focuses on people coming to terms with these changes, financially and emotionally. But it also presents solutions. The film highlights determined individuals and organizations who are working to reduce their communities’ impacts on the environment and raise awareness of the need for action.

NKU’s Environmental Science Program              NKY Citizens’ Climate Lobby

SPONSORED BY:   Directions available at, please park in the Kenton Drive Garage  March 22nd, 2018 │ 5:30 PM  NKU Science Center, 207

FREE and open to the public.  Join us for a public screening and discussion

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